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Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona
Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona


Below you will find the professional services we provide.👇 

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SYNERGY WELLNESS, Chiropractic Office, Tucson Chiropractic
SYNERGY WELLNESS, Chiropractic Office, Tucson Chiropractic
SYNERGY WELLNESS, Chiropractic Office, Tucson Chiropractic

Trained in many Spinal Techniques to accommodate EVERYONE'S needs and comfort levels:
👉🏻 Many Spinal Techniques 👉🏻 Extremity Adjusting 👉🏻 Soft Tissue Techniques 👉🏻 Myofascial Release 👉🏻 Trigger Point Therapy  👉🏻 Intermittent Traction/Decompression.     Our patients love how thorough we are, and we do a combination of everything above, each and every visit!

Have we mentioned we are different :-) The body is designed to be healthy. We simply help your body achieve that by utilizing many techniques to optimize how it functions, so we can heal and repair more appropriately.  It's really that simple!

After seeing thousands of patients, and utilizing 10 different techniques to accommodate anyone's comfort levels, we are confident that we can customize a treatment plan to help almost anyone!  Our model of chiropractic has helped us receive thousands of testimonials, and allows us to be more comprehensive and thorough with your visits.  The goal has always been to create better nervous system communication in our body, improve our alignment and structure (which can affect anything and everything), allow our bodies to heal and regulate better, reduce inflammation and pain, and function optimally.  

We only get one spine also!  So unlike when our teeth rot out, and we can get a whole new set of teeth, there's no such thing as a spine transplant if your spine becomes degenerative.  So pay now or pay later!

We look forward to starting your health journey together!  Just reach out for more information or research on particular issues or symptoms if you are curious how.

Solid Partner to Optimum Health

I feel fortunate to have connected with Synergy Wellness. I love the philosophy of “treat the whole person” NOT the symptoms. I feel like I have a solid partner working with me to achieve my optimum health. I can’t wait to report back on my journey! - Denise M.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Game Changing Physical Medicine Modality!  We get testimonials almost daily from this specific laser!
Low Level Laser Therapy has over 7,000 studies!  
Go here and type into the search box, Low Level Laser Therapy and see for yourself.

Cold Laser Webinar, with Dr. Tim and Penny!

Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona

"Our newest cold laser has many benefits also!  It's a combination of the amazing red laser which is for healing, and also has a violet laser frequency as well which provides anti-microbial benefits at the same time!"  

Cold Laser

Top Ten Biological Effects of Laser Therapy
1)    Anti-Inflammation
2)    Anti-Pain (Analgesic)
3)    Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
4)    Improved Vascular Activity
5)    Increased Metabolic Activity
6)    Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points
7)    Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation
8)    Improved Nerve Function
9)    Immunoregulation
10)  Faster Wound Healing

Finding Common Sense Health Care

Thank you for all you do for so many! So glad to have finally found someone that makes so much overall sense with regards to a healthy way to approach good health! Where has all the “COMMON SENSE” gone in the world! - Nancy S.

Auto Injury

Ouch!  We realize that getting in accidents, whether you are at fault or not, is a scary and unfamiliar process.  And that is why we keep it simple for you and do almost all the work for you including:
Doing a thorough exam to see how you were affected
Creating a custom treatment plan to get you back on track quickly

Assist in your healing and recovery so you don't develop future problems!

Just call us (phone number) to speak with the doctor directly to see exactly how we can help.  Again we realize this can be potentially a scary/unfamiliar process and we will handle all of that for you!  

Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona

Additional Services and Wellness Support:

Here are a few other services we offer.

Don't be overwhelmed, we will help you customize the BEST wellness plan for you!

Additional Services

Anytime. Anywhere. Introducing Home Brain Trainer!

Discover the benefits of light & sound therapy for reducing stress and proper brain regulation.

Reduce stress. Get better sleep. Increase focus and concentration.

All of this is possible with the Clear Mind Focus. This portable brain training device allows you to exercise your brain on your time and anywhere you want. Slightly bigger than a smartphone, this unit allows you to benefit from light-sound technology every day. It contains standard programs for general health, or can be customized for your specific needs using protocols from a brain map. Whether in the comfort of your home, at work, in the Gym or anywhere else, you have a system designed to optimize and improve brain function.

What Does The Focus Unit Do?

Each unit uses photic stim lights to trigger brainwave activity. With this unit the brain receives healthy brainwave patterns and learns to duplicate them. With continuous regular use, the brain will adapt and eventually adjust unhealthy patterns to and stay within healthy ranges. Over time, your brain will learn to make healthy patterns on its own and independent of the focus unit.

The brain emits several different types of brainwaves. Each of these brainwaves serves an important function. Delta brainwaves are emitted during sleep and a responsible for regeneration and restoration. Conversely, Beta brainwaves are produced during your awake hours and are responsible for conscious thought and decision making. When these brainwaves are not operating in normal ranges, symptoms like anxiety, depression and memory loss can occur. With the light and sound technology of the Clear Mind Focus unit, your brainwave frequencies are gently guided into normal patterns during the course of a 30 minute session. As a result your body-mind function becomes enhanced.

For More Brain Training Info:

How does it work?

The Focus is slightly larger than a smart phone and comes with headphones and glasses with built-in photic lights. The unit comes with standard settings like the Optimizer for general brain balance. It can also be programmed to use the protocols suggested by your brain map, which allows for a custom training session target for your needs. The system will emit light from the glasses and play gently, rhythmic sounds. During the session you go about your day as normal. You can walk, rest, work, exercise, watch TV …just about anything while using the unit. The system works while you do without any extra attention on your part.

The sound from the headphones are a soothing rhythmic beat and the lights are a soft blue that flash gently. You will be surprised how quickly you will forget they are on as you go about your day. The Clear Mind Focus can be used with eyes closed and laying down for a ten minute power nap or an extended rest. It’s all on your time and your schedule.

Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona

Specific Protocols To Help With:

  • Sleep

  • Anxiety / Stress

  • Relaxation

  • Sleep Issues / Insomnia

  • Coordination

  • Focus & Concentration

  • Peak Performance

  • ADD / ADHD

  • Memory Improvement

  • Concussion Recovery

  • Pain Reduction

  • & More!

Synergy Wellness Cares

I definitely want to tell you what an amazing seminar you and your “family” held. Thank you so much for being you – a loving giving person whom I feel honored to have in my life!  There is so much information you want to share, it obviously is hard to decide just what to put in the program. You “done well”, Dr. Tim…thanks again! – Leah M.

Nutritional Testing

We can't fix, what isn't measured.  And even better yet, we can't fix, what we can't see!  Traditional blood work is very limited in what it tells up about the body and what nutrition is needed.  We have found a comprehensive system that allows us to check so much more, and provide more accurate recommendations.  We will also create a custom report breaking it all down for you, and also compare you "optimal" ranges instead of just normal or bad.  See below for a sample report. 

Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona
Saliva Hormone

Here a link to use here. (Salivary Hormone Testing)

Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona

Also see sample report attached. ☝️ 

Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona

Also flyer for hormones and adrenal info attached. ☝️

Advanced Body Composition Testing:

Advanced Body Comp

We have the most thorough body composition device we have ever seen.  Every test comes with a very detailed report explaining everything in detail!  

We can measure many things with this one simple test:  Your current pounds of fat content vs. ideal.  Also muscle lbs and percentages, bone, the health of your cells, hydration of cells also showing if the water in the cells, or on the outside (water retention), body composition %'s, tracking over time to see progress or lack of, customized recommendations to work on your specific patterns.

BIA - Health and Fitness Measurements That Matter
RJL Systems is the true pioneer in the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) industry -- with an accurate, quantitative, comprehensive body measurement approach that has been the choice of scores of health professionals and researchers since 1979.

Click Here for more information about Body Composition and Hydration

Get measured today!  

We can't fix what we don't measure!  

Max Pulse

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States! 

This affects us all whether ourselves, and family member, spouse or friend!  

Purification Program

Very Happy and Thankful

I am very thankful to God that some how he directed us to you, and I am looking forward to know you better and get an answer to my medical problems through your expertise, you seem to be very professional, and I was very happy and thankful to see the willingness to treat your patients the same as you treat your family members, thank you very much.

- Carolina K.

Custom Orthotics

 Did you know that over 25% of the bones in your body reside in your feet?  The concept of why we all need custom orthotics like these is simple...  If our feet or not aligned, then everything above (joints, muscles, structure, center of gravity, tendons, bones, nerves, bones, proprioception) compensates to some degree.  Try to picture building a house.  If I start with a foundation that is not level and sound, everything else above will have to compensate for that discrepancy.  Why have extra wear and tear on our bodies if we can do something about it?

Chiropractor in Tucson
Bio Charger
Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona

 What the heck is a biocharger? 
Your body runs on bioelectricity.  Scientific and medical studies have proven that nutrition and exercise are both key factors in achieving optimal health, and for the prevention or recovery from chronic illness.

These energies are as important as food to our continued well being. of Subtle Energies:
• Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF)
• Photonic Energy (Light) 
• Frequencies/Harmonics  (Radio Waves)
• Electro-Dynamic (High Voltage)
Contributors to Lower Cellular Voltage
• Lack of exposure to natural energies
• Poor food and water quality
• Environmental toxicity

BioCharger Research

BioCharger Case Studies

Amazing Results

Coming out of Synergy Wellness. Dr. Tim Harrigan is absolutely amazing! I always come out feeling so much better and ready for anything. Thanks Tim!” - Russ S.

Chiropractor in Tuson, AZ

Common Health Conditions

There is an urgent problem facing our community where families are being compromised due to misinformation about health. Americans have never been as sick, diseased, or symptomatic as we are today. There are an endless amount of people who are suffering, who have been through the ringer and have tried anything and everything to no avail.


For those of you who have a health condition and have been living with symptoms, we assure you there is a better way. Health doesn’t have to be so complicated. There are answers to your unanswered questions. There is hope. We know because we have helped hundreds of people to overcome health challenges and regain their youth and vitality. It’s what we do that’s different and unique that allows for us to get results where other systems fail. 

Specific, corrective, wellness-based chiropractic care can help with these and other serious health conditions...

For more information, click on your condition link(s) below:

While these conditions are common, they're not normal.

You can live a life of extraordinary wellness.

Try chiropractic. Why wait?

Make an appointment to talk to our doctor about how chiropractic

may be able to help you take your health to the next level.

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