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Dr. HARRIGAN's Story


Dr. Tim Harrigan, Chiropractic Physician is a chiropractor who loves educating and coaching others in all areas of health, wellness, lifestyle, whole food nutrition, nutritional supplementation, exercise and ergonomics.

As a husband and father, I’m often amazed by the simple joys in life. The simple moments of watching my children play, their laughter or relaxing with my loving wife. These are the moments I want to relive again and again. I look forward to the future, seeing my children grow up and have children of their own. I can already hear the laughter of my grandchildren. But the richness of these experiences will diminish if my health slips away.

I believe you want to be healthy. You want to enjoy special moments with loved ones. The challenge you face is “how” to achieve these goals. With all the information you face daily, you struggle with clearly defining health and how to achieve it. I understand this struggle. It is a great part of why it’s my life’s work to help families experience true health and understand what it means to be well and live well. I want you to enjoy the richness of life with those you love for years to come.

I graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in the Life Sciences and received a doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas. I’ve studied clinical nutrition extensively and have learned numerous techniques. I feel blessed to have the ability to help patients feel as comfortable as possible while improving the function of their body. I believe in caring for and helping people. I look forward to meeting you and your family in person. I welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.


Meet Megg

Chas and I have been married since 2002 and have 5 children and 2 grandchildren between us and all of them living on opposite coasts. Family means everything to us!  We love spending time with family, friends as well as traveling anywhere and everywhere possible.  It’s fun and relaxing to cook together and connect with nature by hiking and gardening. I’ve worked in a number of different fields, but always come back to my passion of health and wellness including 13 years as a multiple Curves franchise owner.


My husband and I have been patients of Dr Tim Harrigan’s since 2008. Through his chiropractic care and nutritional support we have been able to eliminate allergies, digestive issues, back pain, severe headaches and enjoy successful permanent weight loss. Sticking with our treatment plan and participating in the many services Synergy Wellness offers has allowed us to live a more vibrant and rewarding life! I’m deeply passionate about helping families be well and live well and look forward to working with you!

Meet Alex

Well... I am Tucson born and raised. And like any kid that grew up here, my dream was to graduate a Wildcat. I completed that dream in 2020 with a degree in biology. I have been with my husband, Chris, for over 5 years and we have the best dog in the world, Sophia. Sometimes a diva, but like mother like daughter they say. Not only is Chris an amazing husband, he also introduced me to Dr Tim.


I have been working at Synergy Wellness for 4 years and everyday I love it more. Not just cause Tim is the best boss a girl can ask for (I am assuming he will read this and I’m trying to get a raise), but just watching the health of our patients improve everyday. No matter how my day might be going, our amazing patients bring a smile to my face.


It’s what we do that’s different and unique that allows us to get results where other systems fail. We are known for our specificity and long-term results. 


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