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Chiropractic Techniques/Services

Instrument adjusting Synergy
Tucson Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Tucson Arizona

Trained in many Spinal Techniques to accommodate EVERYONE'S needs and comfort levels:
👉🏻 Many Spinal Techniques 👉🏻 Extremity Adjusting 👉🏻 Soft Tissue Techniques 👉🏻 Myofascial Release 👉🏻 Trigger Point Therapy  👉🏻 Intermittent Traction/Decompression.     Our patients love how thorough we are, and we do a combination of everything above, each and every visit!

Have we mentioned we are different :-) The body is designed to be healthy. We simply help your body achieve that by utilizing many techniques to optimize how it functions, so we can heal and repair more appropriately.  It's really that simple!

After seeing thousands of patients, and utilizing 10 different techniques to accommodate anyone's comfort levels, we are confident that we can customize a treatment plan to help almost anyone!  Our model of chiropractic has helped us receive thousands of testimonials, and allows us to be more comprehensive and thorough with your visits.  The goal has always been to create better nervous system communication in our body, improve our alignment and structure (which can affect anything and everything), allow our bodies to heal and regulate better, reduce inflammation and pain, and function optimally.  

We only get one spine also!  So unlike when our teeth rot out, and we can get a whole new set of teeth, there's no such thing as a spine transplant if your spine becomes degenerative.  So pay now or pay later!

We look forward to starting your health journey together!  Just reach out for more information or research on particular issues or symptoms if you are curious how.

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