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Brain Training

(Brain Mapping/EEG)

Did you know that many common neurological conditions can be improved through neurofeedback? This therapy corrects unbalanced brainwaves and adjusts timing patterns in the brain. Since the 1960s, this scientifically tested technology has been used to accomplish three primary goals:

  • Detect irregular brainwaves (Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta)

  • Re-establish neural networks to regulate brainwaves

  • Teach the brain to permanently retain regular patterns

Neurofeedback is such an important service that we’ve created a separate website to help educate and inform about this life changing treatment.

For More Neurofeedback:

We Can Help Tune The Brain Safely.

We specialize in brain focused wellness using modern technology to map the brain and accurately identify problem areas. We combine brain training programs like neurofeedback with nutrition and other modalities to correct brainwaves and heal the whole body. When the brain works, the body responds!

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Like Cars, Brains Need A Tune Up.
We all have 4 primary brainwaves that control our brains. Delta waves regulate sleep, while Beta waves affect our critical thinking skills. However, when these brainwaves start to run too fast or slow it can affect our ability to function normally. Without help, symptoms like depression, stress, ADHD and sleep problems can start to appear.

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