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Advanced Body Composition Testing:

We have the most thorough body composition device we have ever seen.  Every test comes with a very detailed report explaining everything in detail!  

We can measure many things with this one simple test:  Your current pounds of fat content vs. ideal.  Also muscle lbs and percentages, bone, the health of your cells, hydration of cells also showing if the water in the cells, or on the outside (water retention), body composition %'s, tracking over time to see progress or lack of, customized recommendations to work on your specific patterns.

BIA - Health and Fitness Measurements That Matter
RJL Systems is the true pioneer in the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) industry -- with an accurate, quantitative, comprehensive body measurement approach that has been the choice of scores of health professionals and researchers since 1979.

Click Here for more information about Body Composition and Hydration

Get measured today!  

We can't fix what we don't measure!  

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