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Tucson Chiropractic : Our Techniques & Services

Chiropractic doesn’t heal, your body heals. Chiropractic opens the channels for the brain to communicate with the rest of the body and your inborn or innate healing capabilities take over. Pain is a message the body gives you that something is wrong. Although pain is the body’s message, the underlying problem should be treated. Chiropractic is more than just for the treatment of pain. Chiropractic finds and corrects subluxations or misalignments associated with the bones of the neck and back. Once the nervous system interference is removed, your body functions better physically, mentally, and chemically.

Your Choice of Services


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When your spinal joints aren’t moving right, they can choke or irritate nearby nerves. Chiropractic adjustments add motion to stuck joints, reducing nervous system disruption. Then health has the best opportunity to return…read more»

Weight Loss

Are you struggling with a few extra pounds? Toxic diseases and hormone levels may be a contributing factor. They play a large role in your ability to achieve a healthy weight and keep it…read more»


You know the incidence of many toxic diseases has increased; cancer and cardiovascular disease at the top of the list. Obesity, arthritis, allergies, and many skin problems are other troubles that occur as a result of toxicity. You may be surprised to learn a wide range of symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs,gastrointestinal problems, and even problems from immune weakness can all be related to toxicity…read more»

Nutritional Therapy

Are you concerned about heart disease? Do you know someone who suffers from diabetes or cancer? Has someone you loved died prematurely? Find out how your diet and lifestyle can be the best prevention strategy…read more»

Hormone Testing

Tired of being on an emotional roller coaster? Are you eager to regain your energy or to be free from anxiety and fear? Your hormones may be the problem…read more»

Food Allergy Analysis

You or someone you love might be suffering from a condition such as headaches, arthritis, skin disorders, or digestive issues. You could be eating a balanced diet to improve your condition, without suspecting the very foods you’re eating are contributing to (or even causing) your problems. 95 out of 100 people suffer from Toxic Food Syndrome. Are you one of them? …read more»

Science-Based Nutritional Testing

At our chiropractic office in Tucson, we believe that the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence. …read more»

Many Techniques

You might think there’s only one technique used in chiropractic adjustments, a specific, highly-accurate thrust. You’d be surprised to learn there are other techniques including as low constant pressure or an instrument delivering carefully directed energy. Other methods separate spinal joints gently for better movement, strength, flexibility, and improved posture. You’ve discovered newborns, infants; children, seniors can get adjusted. Did you know if you’ve had back surgery, you can get adjusted? Adjustments are tailored to your size, age and particular health issue. You may feel a pleasant sense of ease and well-being after your chiropractic adjustments. Retraining your muscles and ligaments supporting your spine takes time. Each visit builds on the ones before. Remember your body is doing the healing, not the chiropractor. Contact our Tucson chiropractic office to schedule an appointment today!

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