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Synergy Wellness : Evidence-based Natural Healthcare

As a kid you learned how to ride a bike. You recall the struggle of keeping your balance. If you stopped pedaling or pedaled too fast, you lost control. Fail to stay balanced and you’d tip to one side or fall off. If your focus was near-sighted, you’d inevitably crash. You may have crashed into things you later wondered how you didn’t see coming.

Your body contains moving parts designed to work together in unison. Just like riding your bike, keeping it running smoothly is a balancing act. You want to provide input well before any decisions on treatment are made. You want to know what lies ahead. You want to be actively involved in the decision making process. But most of all you want:

  • To benefit from your chiropractor’s individual clinical experience.
  • To know about external evidence to support your decision.
  • Your provider to take the time to understand your values and expectations.

Simply put, you want your wellness provider to align your needs with your values. You desire the best proof for treatment from research. You want decisions made more on facts than judgment or hunches. Welcome to Evidence-based Natural Healthcare.

At Synergy Wellness, you will experience Evidence-based Natural Healthcare first hand. You’ll benefit from a blend of non-surgical, hands-on practices combined with the use of modern technology and patient care. Our focus is on addressing how your body functions as a whole, not just on one symptom or part at a time.

Start receiving great healthcare designed to meet your individual wellness goals. Put an end to worrying about the potential for harm from unnecessary surgeries or if there are long term risks of medications. Get peace-of-mind from being able to trust the treatment offered and know it will help you.

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