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More Video Testimonials

Get a huge benefit from chiropractic care

Feel has a lot of energy and losing 14 pounds

Help me tremendously on my hip injuries and diet

Lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks!

No more lower back pain, stronger workouts!

Feel better than I have in years!

No longer skeptical about Chiropractic care

Dr. Harrigan provides very gentle adjustments

No more neck and back problems

Lost 25 pounds!

Complete relief of lower back pain

Sleeping and handling stress better

Improved quality of life

After 5 weeks, I no longer need surgery

Improved health and gallbladder issues

No more knee or lower back pain

Lost weight safely, and fast!

Great results with Dr. Harrigan

Lost 20 lbs on the purification program

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Providing Quality Chiropractic and Wellness Care to people in Tucson, Vail, Marana and Oro Valley, AZ