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Healing Your Body with Better Nutrition

What if your body could tell your doctor the foods or supplements it needs for optimal health? What if adding a few key nutrients to your diet could resolve health concerns that have plagued you for years?

Through the use of evidence based Functional Nutrition Testing, your doctor can identify toxicities, deficiencies, and imbalances that are negatively impacting your health. Rather than reviewing your symptoms, this medical based testing identifies how your body is functioning (or not functioning).

What’s Involved in Functional Nutrition Testing?


At Synergy Wellness we will test your blood, hair, stool, and urine, looking for factors that indicate whether your body systems are functioning, as they should. You may have had some of these tests performed at one time or another, but each provides only a small glimpse into the body’s function. Taken together, these tests provide a complete picture of your health and how we can help you overcome toxicity factors, skewed enzyme levels, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Your health improves as your body systems are optimized. Cholesterol levels fall, liver enzymes are more balanced, and heavy metals are removed from your system.

We will test you, treat for any indicated problems, and retest you until the problems are resolved.

Nutritional Changes Supported by Scientific Data

In the past, another doctor may have performed blood work to look at a specific factor – maybe your cholesterol level. Standard lab reports normally report a range that is considered satisfactory, but the lab reports don’t tell you how your cholesterol level is being affected by other factors. The clinical nutrition and symptom survey approach is a means of finding areas of need in the body, where a lack of vigor exists, which can aid in determining what may be malnourished or impoverished.

With the Functional Nutrition Testing performed here at Synergy Wellness, you’ll receive a 10 to 20 page comprehensive report that explains your results in detail. The report will illustrate interactions within the body. Rather than seeing only a small part of the picture, you’ll get the whole picture of what’s taking place in your body.

Then with the use of organic supplements and changes to your diet, you can begin to correct the foundational health issues that present as unwanted symptoms. With the receding quality of our food supply, supplementation is one way of increasing the quality of nutrition, and is recommended as a means of supplementing the normal diet and promoting nourishment for all body parts and systems.

Nutrition therapy is a gradual process of nurturing the body and, while results should be noticed almost immediately, final results require on average one to four months depending on what area is being supported.

Want to learn more? Give us a call to find out how you can get started with Functional Nutrition Testing and start healing your body today.

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