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Functional Nutrition Testing

Functional Nutrition Testing Machine

Our Mission and Commitment

As your nutritional consultant, Dr. Tim Harrigan, Chiropractic Physician will provide you with the professional expertise and resources to help you achieve optimum health and wellness. His mission is to guide his patients to better health… the natural way!

He enables his patients to live long and healthy lives by providing an innovative approach to achieving a healthier, more optimal state of being. He commits himself to bringing his patients from their present state of health, which is often less than ideal, to obtaining better health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Dr. Tim Harrigan, Chiropractic Physician may order blood work, hormone tests, vitamin or mineral tests, functional nutrition tests identifying weak areas and much more. These tests can paint a picture as to what needs support and nourishing.

Few people realize that poor diet and lifestyle are contributing causes of premature death from heart attack, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and other disorders. You can rebuild and strengthen the integrity of your organs and cells by simply modifying your diet and other environmental factors.

The body is designed to heal itself!

All your body needs is a well-functioning nervous system, great nutrition, quality physical activity and an optimistic mental attitude. It’s time to put YOU in control of your health!

Dr. Tim Harrigan, Chiropractic Physician will be there to provide you with the expertise, resources, and guidance to help you get on track and stay there. He will guide you through an individualized natural health and wellness program. This program can help build your body’s systems so your body can take care of itself. Ultimately, this will help you achieve an ideal body weight and live a longer and healthier life.

Personal Coaching, Education and Nutritional Consultations

Dr. Tim Harrigan, Chiropractic Physician will provide you with personal coaching, education and nutritional consultations. He will closely examine a person’s medical and family history, diet, nutrient intake, current health conditions, environment and lifestyle factors, exercise, and activity patterns – promoting a concept of health and wellness that will go far and beyond the absence of disease.

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