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Chiropractic in a Nutshell!

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”Your spine is the circuit board for your nervous system. The nerves that exit at the level of each vertebra of your spine travel to and innervate every gland, organ, muscle, and, indeed, every part of your body. These nerves integrate, organize, and regulate all living processes.

Every vertebra that makes up your spine is like the circuit breaker at your house and your spine, as a whole, makes up the circuit breaker box. You can fool with a light bulb in your house when the switch won’t make the light work, but if the circuit breaker is tripped, that light won’t work. Your body is just like that – to get any part of your body to work it has to at least get nerve supply from the nerves exiting the spine.

These tripped circuit breakers in your body are called subluxations. Chiropractic care resolves subluxations through an adjustment to the spine and other joints in your body thereby eliminating nerve interference. Without nerve interference, your body’s innate intelligence is fully expressed and the inherent ability of your body to be self-healing is present.”

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