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Chiropractors in Tucson What to Expect at Synergy Wellness

Your First Visit

The key to health at {PRACTICE NAME} Expectations are interesting. They can be derived by your past experiences or the desire of something different. At Synergy Wellness, we know you expect more and deserve more in your pursuit of wellness. We’re here to help you help you make the shift from heath-care to wellness. Our goal is to be what you have always desired and deserved.

Here’s a glimpse into your new healthcare experience and expectations:

  • A warm greeting by all members of our staff.
  • Close attention paid to your overall comfort.
  • Guided advocacy to a natural approach to wellness.
  • Never feeling rushed when sharing your concerns.
  • Attention to your health history beyond your symptoms.
  • Help developing a plan of actionable steps you can take toward wellness.
  • Know how to remove interferences keeping your body from expressing health.
  • Awareness of non-invasive solutions to your health.
  • Understand feeling better is expressed through the better function of your body.

At Synergy Wellness, we believe there are 5 tenets to your health:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Mental well-being
  • Exercise
  • A properly functioning nervous system.

What expectations do you have for your health? What do you expect health care or wellness? What do you expect from your physician? It’s time to expect more. Discover what happens when the focus is on your overall wellness, not just your symptoms. Experience a wellness team who cares about you. Contact us to schedule your visit today. Together, we’ll get you on the path to wellness.

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